Thursday, November 4, 2010


i258473899_12084_4.jpg i love you image by LadyxElle

everytime your on, my heart beats fast !
idk what to do. im in love with youu. i know you are my bestie but idk.
you should know that i love you since the first day we talk. -_____-
you never realise that. 
but whatever. i OWN you noww !
dangg ! i can't believe it ;D

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4th November

Gahhh !! Todayy was the best day ever.  Hangout with wawa,dada,dydy,dayang,syasya n others at Maxwell Hill. i know it sounds weird but actually, we went there bc of jogging. well, we're pretty tireeddd. i saw a lot of monkeyss. xD this is lame. blehh, after that, we ate our luch together gether xD. guess what, we have to walk to Saidatul's House ! its 5km awayy from the maxwell hill. i almost fainted but gah, idk what happen. i love youu bestiesss ! bleh, you should stop reading this. BYE !

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The First Day in This Blog Thingyy

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thats me.

Ayeeee Sexxxaayyy ;D 
ksoo, im feena. (; What do you want from mehh bitch? haha kiddingg. if you wanna know me, just ADD ME on myspace but you gotta read this shizz. i know you hate reading this but KEEP READING ! jsjs. i guess you're suck if your not reading this. lmfaolmfao. well, im farhana. im 14. i made my mom scream on february 1st. lmfaolmfao. if i dont talk to you, theres a reason, there is a 99% chance i will not reply.i like people that can actually hold a conversation . People have broken my heart alot of times. but i learned from mistakes. Btw just because i say haha or LMFAO doesnt means i laugh fo'real. i like being random.i hate annoying people that keep asking meh stupid question. im single so, be flirty. xD if i was talking to you, that doesnt mean i like you. js. i HATE message. but i like COMMENT im done writing this. hmm well if your still reading this . you should stop . like . NOW ! Kbye ;D

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